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Burmese Chicken Curry

By |November 24th, 2019|Categories: Asian, Burmese Food|Tags: |

I am compelled to announce that this Burmese Chicken Curry is one of my absolute favourite South East Asian curries to make at home. Why? Where do I begin!? A fragrant Mild Curry from Burma/Myannmar It's fragrance is so inviting, spicy but lemony and fresh - It has some Read more

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My name is Shirley, and I own 51% of this company

By |December 6th, 2019|

Hello everyone. I am ‘name of Shirley’ and I am the daughter of Lee and Brendan. Lee, my web manager, makes this blog and is very very extremely lovely. I allow him a hobby that isn’t me. He makes sure I always have food and heats it up in the magic heat box for 30 seconds because he knows cold food makes me shiver.

Here’s my profile page that my Daddy arranged so that you can get to know me better and learn all about my luxurious Read more

Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas

By |November 28th, 2019|

Out of my Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas, only one is on The Strip. For anyone, like me, who lives in Vegas, dining on the strip is a rarity. it’s expensive. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s daylight robbery. And you know what! You don’t need to eat there to experience top-notch cuisine.

As you probably know, I’m all about ethnic cuisine and will travel for good Authentic food that I don’t have to pay an arm and Read more

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Cook Eat Blog
Cook Eat Blog
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Hi! I’m Lee.
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I’m the one in charge here. You may have noticed that I like food. I live for food, to cook it, eat it and blog it!

My passion is International food to cook at home. Easy International recipes showing everything the world has to offer. Join me on a journey in good taste.

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