The very best of 2008.

Another great year for food has been had. Once again, I’ve eaten an extraordinary amount. I’ve had a few disasters along the way which didn’t make the blog – the most notable being a turnip puree which I can safely say was the foulest thing I’ve ever tasted. But there have been some highlights too. The love affair with curry continues with a whole new world of spice opening up. All that and a new found appreciation for Spanish and Mediterranean food. There’s sure to be many more tasty morsels coming your way in 2009, but for now thanks for visiting the site, and for leaving your comments. Keep them coming. Here are the top ten of the last year – in reverse order once again:

10: Indian Prawn Curry
A quick simple curry that’s a perfect after a busy day. It isn’t going to take an eternity to prepare and it’s tasty as can be.

9: Afghani Eggplants with Spicy Chickpeas
This was a real surprise. I hadn’t held out much hope for this vegetarian dish, but when it all came together I was amazed. I must make it again soon.

8: Beetroot & Cumin Soup
I made this on the fly, without too much idea of what I was doing, but it turned out to be the nicest soup I’ve made all year. And it looked spectacular too.

7: Figs with Pomegranate Syrup & Cinnamon Crumble
This was part of the same meal as the beetroot and cumin soup and again, done on the fly. A tremendous little dessert which is effortless to prepare.

6: Chocolate & Almond Tart
A part of a birthday dinner (which I cooked myself) – the real stand out of the night came from this delicious chocolate tart. It was so rich and flavoursome that it silenced all my guests.

5: Turkish Layered Kofte
I’m all for showing off, without much effort on my behalf. Once assembled, this Lebanese dish does the trick. It looks great and tastes even better.

4: Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork
I’d eaten something like this on holiday in Cambodia and decided to try it myself. I wanted it spicy and that’s what I achieved. It’s a great way to eat minced pork!

3: Chicken & Fenugreek Curry
Another new curry, using the delicious flavour of fenugreek. This curry has really stayed with me since I first made it. I think it’s definitely made its way onto my regulars repertoire.

2: Sultans Delight
Although the eggplant puree I made with this was a complete disaster, the lamb stew to accompany was the richest, buttery delight all year! Sublime!

1: Spanish Roasted Pork Ribs
And so to the best thing all year. This has been on our table at least 5 times since I first served it up. The sweet, sticky ribs are just packed with flavour and the meat falls off the bone with absolutely no effort. They’re number one for a reason. Give them a go.

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