Back from the dead – cookeatblog returns!

I’m back from the dead people! cookeatblog returns! It was 13 years ago that I first started cookeatblog, then called ‘What You Having For Your Tea’. After deeming that name far too long and personal (a long running question I’d pose to my friend Elle at work – way back in the 90s back in Edinburgh.

Those daze are long past and in 2008 the name changed to Cook Eat Blog, a half arsed piss-take of the awful Eat Pray Love book. That said, it stuck and I happily blogged for the next 7 years.

Blinded by the Light

It was after a surprise move to the USA that my attention was taken with other matters, like earning a living and experiencing everything that my adoptive city Las Vegas has to offer. And let me tell you people, Las Vegas has a LOT to offer!

After 4 years of living permanently in Sin City I slowly began to revisit to remake some of the old favourite recipes. I never stopped cooking, I certainly didn’t stop eating I just got distracted by all the bright lights.

I also began to harbour a desire to bring back the blog – but on looking at it, it was so riddled with terribly build pages and horrific SEO issues, that it was a wonder anyone ever visited. The photography was also laughable – it was patently obvious that most of my shots were taken in a dimly lit room, 3 seconds after the food was dished and 3 seconds before I’d be stuffing it in my face.


So I made the decision to completely re-design the whole place – the pics, the recipes – everything! Anyone from the glory days will note that not all the recipes are here. They’re not! They’re all in a long queue, waiting for the day they get a revamp. On looking at some of the dishes I peddled out, they won’t ever see the light of day! One such dish was a raspberry pan cotta (imagine a fleshy coloured dome that I’d half dressed with a solitary raspberry on top – like a wobbly breast with absolutely no innuendo intended at that time).

In the future, I’ll be bringing back all my favourites from the old blog and many new dishes from my repertoire, all with a new look!

Speaking of the look, I’m going for a more considered approach, utilising my 100 years as a graphic designer to create something that looks appealing and cool rather than from the pages of Woman Weekly Ukraine. And I’m sticking with my ‘World Cuisine theme because that’s what I eat, that’s what I cook, that’s what I obsess about. I was NEVER going to create a blog for ‘busy people’, ‘meals in minutes’, ‘2 ingredients’ or any of that fuckery, so here it is, back from Los Muerta – – in all it’s splendour.

What do you think?