Cedar Smoked Trout

While in the USA recently I ventured into the rather fabulous supermarket Whole Foods. It made me realise just how ordinary our supermarkets are here in Australia. This place had every conceivable ingredient – it was incredible. After a good hour of wandering I happend upon some grilling papers called “Fire & Flavor” – some rather clever looking sheets of wood, devised to wrap around whatever you choose to lightly smoke it when cooked. Being a good size for my suitcase I bought some. Upon arrival home I set to work cooking two lovely fresh trout. Wrapped in their little wooden sarcophagus they went on the BBQ. The results were very good actually. The wood wrapping acts as both a lovely subtle smoky flavour infuser but also keeps the fish deliciously moist. I realise this recipe is reliant on hunting out these sheets, but I now believe they’re available ONLINE so if you’re superkeen to try – you can! If you’re in the US, pop down to Whole Foods safe in the knowledge that a) you’ll be able to find them, and b) knowing I am incredibly jealous that you can “just pop down to Whole Foods”.

2 x 250g whole trout (or similar)
2-3 sheets of Fire & Flavor grilling papers
salt & pepper
2 limes (finely sliced)
2 cloves garlic (finely sliced)
2 tablespoons olive oil

Wash and dry the fish thoroughly then score each side with a sharp knife and season with salt & pepper and rub in olive oil. Arrange the limes and garlic slices in the cavities of the fish then wrap the grilling papers around (leaving the head and tail exposed – securing with some string.

Cook on a hot BBQ for about 8-10 minutes each side or until the fish looks cooked.

I served mine fully wrapped – ready to unfurl at the table. I also served it alongside some delicious potato salad and fresh corn.

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