Chickpea Soup


I ate this rather delicious soup at a very depressing roadside restaurant just outside Istanbul. After a torturous 8 hour bus journey it was just what I needed, but unfortunately it also gave me the worst bout of “downstairs problems” I’d had in a long time. I decided to give myself a trip down memory lane by recreating the magic at home. Thankfully all is well downstairs this time.


1 400g can chickpeas
6 cups good quality chicken stock (or vegetable)
45g butter
1 lemon
2 tablespoons fresh mint (chopped)
salt & white pepper

Blend 1 cup of the chickpeas in a food processor or with a hand blender into a smooth paste. Heat the stock in a large pan and add the chickpea paste and mix well. Add the remaining chickpeas. Cook on a low heat for 25 minutes. Add the butter to the soup and stir in. Add half of the mint and season with salt & pepper to your taste.

Pour into bowls, and sprinkle the remaining mint and a wedge of lemon to squeeze over.

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