Deep Fried Turkey

Another southern American classic here – but one which I approached with some trepidation. I’m all for deep frying but the thought of deep frying an entire 5kg turkey filled me with excitement and fear in equal measure. I needn’t have worried. My friend Lihling ensured us that the skin acted as a shield to the oil and that when fried, the bird actually cooks in its own juices – the end result being an amazingly moist and tender meat with the ultimate crispy skin. Our specialist turkey frying equipment came courtesy of Lihling – you can buy yours HERE. A word of caution – I believe there are a number of fatalities each year in the US from hot oil incidents, but if you’re careful and don’t try to skip any procedures then all will be well. The end results are fabulous.

5.5kg turkey
8-10 litres canola oil
salt & pepper

Deep fat turkey fryer kit:
• Burner
• Large deep frying pot
• Termometer
• Stand for turkey
• Safety hook for lowering and lifting into oil

To measure how much oil you’ll need, place the turkey in the large frying pot and fill with water until the turkey is just submerged. Drain and remove the turkey, and mark on the pot where the water reaches. Pour out the water. Dry the pan thoroughly then pour in the exact amount of oil.

Place on the burner in a safe place outside. Clip the thermometer that dips into the oil onto the side of the pot. When the oil reaches 350ºF you’re ready to fry.

Dry the turkey thoroughly or it will spit or make the oil bubble dangerously. Season well, inside and out with salt & pepper. Impale the turkey on the frying stand (plump breast side down). Using the safety hook, lower carefully into the oil.

Deep fry for 50-60 minutes.

Lift the bird from the oil and drain thoroughly before carefully moving onto a waiting platter. Test the inner temperature (in the breast) is over 180ºC. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then carve and serve.

We ate ours with lots of salad and vegetables.

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