Double Salmon Cakes



I always remember hating fish cakes. And it’s not surprising, when I recall the nasty little things my mother would buy from ‘Iceland’. They were vile, and I’m sure they had as much fish in them as a steak pie. But these lovely little patties are quite the opposite. They’re literally brimming over with fish. Salmon to be precise. Lovely.


200g fillet of fresh salmon
100g smoked salmon (chopped)
1 onion (coarsley grated)
500g potato (cooked and mashed without butter and cooled to room temperature)
3 eggs
1 heaped tablespoon chives (chopped)
1 heaped tablespoon parsley (chopped)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
salt & pepper
3 tablespoons plain flour
4-5 cups medium breadcrumbs
4-5 tablespoons olive oil

Steam or bake the salmon until cooked. 5-7 mins for steaming, 10-15 mins for baking. Cool and then break up into small pieces into a large bowl. Add the onion, potato, smoked salmon, 1 egg, chives, parsley, mayonnaise, 1 cup of breadcumbs and salt & pepper to taste.
Arrange three bowls. One with the flour, one with 2 beaten eggs and the other with the remaining breadcrumbs. Divide the fish mixture into 12 balls and roll in the flour, then dip in the egg and then cover in breadcrumbs. Flatten the balls out slightly into patties.
Arrange on a large plate and leave in the fridge for about an hour.
Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat and fry each fish cakes for about 2-3 minutes on each side until golden.

Serve hot with salad, lemon wedges and mustard mayonnaise:
1 heaped tablespoon of good quality mayonnaise mixed with 1 heaped teaspoon of dijon mustard, 3 tablespoon of warm water and some finely chopped parsley.

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