Filipino Crab Fat Rice

As terrible as this dish sounds, it is in fact quite a revelation! My other half, Brendan came back from the Philippines from a cheap dentistry holiday (I joke not), raving about the crab fat rice he’s been gorging on. The dish is made using crab roe from a jar (or crab paste as it’s named) to lend a unique flavour and colour to the rice – I had been informed that it was “Out of control delicious.” I had been kind of enthusiastic about trying it at first, but then conveniently forgot about it for two years. Recently, on rediscovering the Filipino crab paste in the back of my cupboard, my curiosity got the better of me, mainly as I wanted to stop Brendan harping on about it. Wouldn’t you know, it was amazingly full of flavour and quite delicious. As weird as Filipino food is, this is pretty damn delicious. Give it a try, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

1 cup jasmine rice
2 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons Asian crab paste

In a pan full of water brought up to a rolling boil add the salt. Add the rice and cook for about 10-12 minutes until cooked. Drain the rice in a collander – shake a few times to drain off the excess water then return to the pan. Quikly add the crab paste. Spread over the top of the rice then place a clean tea towel over the top of the pan. Return the lid to the pan and leave for 10 minutes. Open the pan and stir in the crab paste until well combined. Don’t stir too much though, it’ll make the rice too claggy. Serve hot.

Serve with a piece of fried chicken, or a fresh Asian salad or curry.

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