Hot New Cookbook – India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant

INDIA Cookbook – By Pushpesh Pant

As Indian cookbooks go, there’s a glut of “The Ultimate…” “The World of…” titles out there, but for the first time, a book arrives which really lives up to its title. The tagline on the book reads “The only book on Indian food you’ll ever need”, and I think it may well be true.

This enormously comprehensive book from Phaidon Press, who’s similar biblelike Italian, Spanish and Greek cookbooks have proven enormously popular, delivers 1000 recipes. It features dishes from all over India, both traditional and modern creations. The selection is well considered and the variety excellent – many of these regional dishes I have never seen before so I am pretty excited to work my way through them. I have a feeling that Indian food may be even more prevalent in my home this year thanks to this book.

The design of the book is what initially caught my eye. Packaged in a canvas bag, which perfectly parodies a sack of rice with its low quality, out of register print. Inside the pages are very clean and not over designed. Photographs of every dish are not essential to me but there are some great photographs dotted throughout the book. One potential negative may be the use of uncoated paper which acts as a sponge to the slightest bit of moisture – while it is a perfect fit for the Indian theme, and most likely cheaper and lighter in weight, It may not have been the most practical choice for messy cooks like me.

Overall, this is one of the best general Indian cookbooks to be published in recent years. Guaranteed to become my first choice from the shelf when I cook Indian, which is, let’s face it, 3-4 times a week.

India Cookbook
published by Phaidon Press ISBN0714859028

Buy it HERE

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