Orange Sorbet with Cointreau

I had intended to serve this as a dessert, but changed my mind in favour of a chocolate tart. I used the sorbet as a palate cleanser course. It was a great fruity dish that really got the taste buds ready for the next installment of Stuffed Poussin with Asparagus Risotto.


1.1 litres water
350g sugar
juice 6 oranges (strained)
zest of 2 oranges
2 lemons (juice of)

6 tablespoons cointreau
6 fresh mint or basil leaves

Bring to a gentle boil the water, sugar and orange zest then boil rapidly for 5 minutes. Cool.

When cooled completely, pour in the orange juice and stir well. Strain through a seive into a plastic container then place in the freezer. Stir every hour to prevent lumps appearing. Cover the surface with plastic wrap then cover.

Serve a scoop of sorbet with a tablespoon of cointreau over and a mint/basil leaf on top.

NEXT: Main Course – Poussin stuffed with Fois Gras & Pistachio on Asparagus Risotto

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