I know what I’m having for my tea.

For a change, I will be eating curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lucky old me is off on holiday! I’m travelling through the south of India for the next month, in what will undoubtedly become an historic discovery of all that is South Indian cuisine. Rest assured I will return with gusto armed with a new arsenal of curries and Indian treats for your perusal. See you soon.

Picture courtesy of Meanest Indian, under Creative Commons licence at Flickr

  • BEC

    You’ll either come back as fat as a house or as skinny as a rake!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time xxx

  • Nive

    If you are travelling through Madras, get some of the ‘podi’ s from Grand Sweets in Adyar. They spice up anything! Made on a base of either ground lentils or rice flour, you can stir or sprinkle them on a host of stuff!

  • Russ

    Ahhh… I’m expecting delicious curries on your return. Enjoy the trip!

    Maybe even some Milk Cake?

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