The Top 10 Teas of 2009

As is custom here at whatyouhavingforyourtea, the end of the year means we have a round up of our favourite dishes over the last twelve months. It’s been another culinary adventure this year seeing a huge range of food stuffed into my mouth. I have made somewhat of an effort to make things a little healthier however, I have put on many kilos since this time last year. I have made a promise to myself (and partner) that 2010 will feature a whole lot more healthy food. Curry lovers fear not, I have a vast set of healthy curries pending which shall be gracing the pages of the site on a regular basis. Anyway, back to this year’s food. If you’ve been a regular at the site (and visitors have EXPLODED this last year) many thanks for your support. If you’ve made and enjoyed any of the recipes on this site then please let me know – it’s always good to hear good (or bad) feedback. Happy holidays to all and I’ll see you in the new year!

10. Lahore Chicken Curry
One of the first curries I attempted, many years ago made a few appearances this year and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the family favourites. A deliciously peppery, rich curry that’s a cinch to prepare.

9. Osso Bucco Milanese Style
A classic Italian dish that’s absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. Butter soft meat in a fragrant gremolata sauce. Not to mention the sheer delight that is veal marrrow!

8. Turkish Lime Cake
What a triumph this one turned out to be. A really simple recipe that’s jam packed with citrus flavours. My kind of cake.

7. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
I have a very fond memory of this dish. The weather was appaulingly hot in Sydney the day I cooked it and it was so nice to eat outside in the evening – dipping the skewers of tasty, tender chicken into the fabulous peanut sauce. I can’t wait to make it again.

6. Apple & Fennel Salad
I have been converted to fennel in the last year. This simple salad was a real winner and has graced the table on many occasions since I first created it. It’s the first thing I think to make if I see fennel in the fridge.

5. Chicken Vindaloo with Eggplant
Another surprise hit! I have always liked Vindaloo, but have often found it to be overpoweringly overspiced by show off chefs. It need not be the way to cook this Goan classic. This recipe, while spicy, is more aromatic than mind blowing – it’s stayed with me!

4. Potatoes Parisienne
I saw these on TV and just had to make them. Lathered in butter, they;re not your everyday potato, but for a special occasion – why not!? I can’t say I’ll be making them again soon, but they’re up there as one of the tastiest little morsels I’ve eaten inmy entirelife. I shall die happy simply knowing of their existence.

3. Dosa with Mushroom Masala & Coriander Chutney
Fresh from a wonderful holiday in Southern India, I was keen to try the local staple, Dosa, myself. This mushroom masala is something I tasted while there and the home spun version was every bit as good.

2. Lamb Phal
Quite possibly one of the most complicated curries I’veever made, buy boy oh boy was it worth it. A spicy spicy spicy curry, probably one of the hottest curries I’ve tasted – but the flavours and colour were out of this world. Astonishingly good!

1. Steamed Lamb with Cumin.
So here it is, the biggest surprise of 2009. Who would have dreamed that steaming meat could result in something so sublime!? This Moroccan recipe sounded unusual, but I had no idea that it would turn out so perfectly. For those who like their meat tender this is the ultimate dish. I could (and tried) to eat the whole joint. I’ll be cooking this every February 17 (the date I first made it) for the rest of my natural life. I shall be unofficially renamed International Steamed Lamb Day. Join me!

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