Tinny Chicken

While up NSW’s Snowy Mountains, I always like to cook something a little ‘hillbilly’ in nature – to match the rugged and remote surroundings. This Aussie adaptation of beer can chicken is just that. Pure mountain-folk fare.

I had excitedly managed to get my hands on an original beer-can chicken baking framefrom the US, which allows the bird to amusingly sit on top (all the way in) of an open can of beer (or ‘tinny’ as we say in Australia) in the oven. The subsequent steam produced cooks the bird from the inside as it browns on the outside, imparting its hoppy beer flavour as it cooks. The results are surprisingly excellent! Tender and juicy chicken imparted with a hint of Aussie beer!

I bought a good quality free-range chicken, knowing that it had thus far, had a good life – partially to ease my conscience as I impaled the bird on the can and stood it upright in it’s final, undignified flight to the oven. That said, all guilt vanished once the chicken came out of the oven – pure delicious!

For the very first time here at Cook Eat Blog we have a visual recipe for your enjoyment. Vegetarians beware, it’s not going to appeal to you.

1. Preheat oven to 180 deg C. Place the beercan frame into a larger baking tin. Open your tinny (you choose the variety – get creative – soft drinks work too) and take a big gulp so that it’s not full. Place into the frame.


2. Open up the bird’s ‘orifice’. And manoeuvre into place.


3. Slide the bird on top of the can.


4. Take a second to appreciate the bird atop of the can then smother in butter and season with salt & pepper. Pour about 500ml boiling water into the baking dish. Pop into the oven and bake for 1 hour.


5. Remove the bird and leave to rest for 5 minutes. I served mine just like this for comedy value. Poor chook.

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