Who can say no to a curry? Do you have a favourite that makes it to curry night the most often? I have 20, yes 20 Curry Recipes that I like to call my best. Are you ready for the spice?

20 Best Curry Recipes 2020

Oh what a night... Curry Night!

It's curry night at least twice a week in my house so I like to change it up all the time. From India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Burma/Myannmar I like to change things up on the regular. The world of curries is so diverse, so many amazing flavour combinations to try yourself at home. And I gotta say, once you get going, you'll see just why the curry os one of the World's culinary success stories. My recipes are fail-safe, and absolutely guaranteed to cure any spice craving. From mild to HOT - and everything in between.

Take out? Take away a recipe instead.

You'll never order take-out or delivery curry again when you learn how to create restaurant style curry at home, and what's even better - if you freeze what you don't eat (curry was MADE for freezing) you'll soon grow your available menu items to rival the best Curry Restaurants. So, here are my best curries of 2020, in no particular order...

01. Indian Imperial Chicken Curry

The Imperial Chicken Curry hails from Northern India and it's fit for a Raj! The thick, rich sauce, coats every mouthful, and is a thing wonder. If you're clever about it, you'll make the special Imperial powder in advance so that you can prepare this rich, wonderful sauce at the drop of a turban!

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02. Indian Chicken Pathia

Chicken Pathia reminds me of my youth in the UK. This British/Indian creation evolved in Persia, to India then to The UK in the 70s. It's a spicy treat, hot by design but utterly delicious - sweet, sour and spicy! It's a curry you don't often see on a menu outside the UK and worth a try if you like your curry raging.

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03. Japanese Katsu Curry

Japan's answer to curry, Katsu Curry, is one of the best! And it comes from a packet! I know, I know... this is a cookery blog, but the combination this slightly sweet, spicy creamy sauce with a crunchy katsu (breaded cutlet) and some soft, fluffy rice is other worldly. Who cares that a machine made it!?

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04. Burmese Chicken Curry

The Burmese Chicken Curry has everything I love and need in a dish. It's a light, healthy and super super fragrant. It's probably up there as one of my all time favourite curries, so obviously made the list.I ALWAYS have a portion in the freezer and if I'm running low, feel real anxiety. It's perfection.

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05. Indian Madras Lamb Curry

Madras Lamb Curry

The Madras Lamb Curry was one of the first curries I learned, and one who's ingredients are engrained my head. It's a complex, fragrant combination of spices, that create a wonderfully rich and glossy sauce. It's a heady, satisfying curry that you'll love.

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06. South Indian Salmon Curry

South Indian Salmon Curry from cookeatblog.com

For a lighter, more fragrant curry, I'll often turn to the South Indian Salmon Curry. A creamy coconut sauce coats soft, tender salmon with a lightly spiced sauce that's super simple to prepare at home. If you're short on time, but still want to go big on flavour, get this curry cooking right away.

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