Hi! I’m Lee – I’m the Cooker. Eater. Blogger.

I was born in in a small town in England in ’73 (you do the age maths). Since then I lived in Scotland, Australia and now in the USA.

Over the years, my love for food has grown exponentially with my waistline – and is a testament to my love for food from everywhere in the World.

This blog is follows a simple premise. It’s a documentation of what goes into and what comes out of my greedy mouth. A friendly and hopefully informative collection of all the food knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. If you want to know more about me and what goes into cookeatblog then follow the antics at our blog, which I update from time to time.

You’ll see from the recipes and musings that I consider all food “my favourite”. My taste changes minute by minute and I casually announce my favourite at every mealtime.

Generally speaking, I love South East Asian food – especially Malaysian, I also love Italian, Spanish, Indian and Chinese too! So this is why my blog took the form it has – I can’t and won’t limit myself to cooking and eating one cuisine. I would die of boredom.

Cook. Eat. Blog. Is a celebration of food across the World, and you and I don’t ever need to leave our kitchen to enjoy all it has to offer.

Hope you enjoy the food.