For a fragrant start to the day, Akuri (Parsi Eggs) is pure perfection. Soft scrambled eggs, Indian style with a mild spiced warmth in every bite. 

Akuri (Parsi Eggs)Visit

I'm a big fan of eggs at any time of the day, but obviously breakfast is one of the best times to indulge. I first ate Parsi eggs (Akuri) in Mumbai in a wonderful Parsi cafe. I'd been pre-informed that the best item on the morning menu was the scrambled egg. I'll always order eggs, so to know that they came with glowing reviews sealed their fate. All I can say, is that when I tasted these eggs, I declared them the tastiest in my life! The first version I ate in India actually featured ground lamb, cooked and stirred through the soft eggs. They were truly life changing! So amazingly flavourful and the addition of lamb (my second favourite after eggs) was a revelation.

The second time, I sampled the eggs, I order the lamb-free version and I can conclude they were also a triumph. It's THIS Akuri recipe that I share with you.

Akuri (Parsi Eggs)

Who are the Parsis?

The Parsi community of India are descendants of the Persian settlers from the 8th-10th Century. Their dwindling community can still be found all over India, and particularly in Mumbai. Their cuisine is notably different from standard Indian cookery, taking influences from Iran and the Middle East. There are a scattering of excellent Parsi cafes and restaurants in Mumbai. The Parsi people celebrate all manner of foods, but eggs is one of their most celebrated. And I am in full support! This Parsi Akuri is often compared to another dish called Bhurji Eggs - to the layperson, there is no difference between Akuri and Bhurji. I'm happy to be corrected if you know better!

Akuri (Parsi Eggs)

Is Akuri spicy?

Traditionally, Akuri is a milder spiced dish, as it's served in the morning. But that said, you can make yours as hot as you like - if you need your taste-buds woken up, then up the amount of chilli powder or add some fresh chopped chillies. If you want no heat, just omit the chilli powder completely and replace with a sweet paprika. I like mine to have the slightest of spice, so choose a mild chilli powder and use it sparingly.

It's amazing how wonderfully well a scrambled egg works with spices - every mouthful is a b