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Aloo Baingan - Indian Potato & Eggplant is one of my go to, on the fly, vegetarian / vegan Indian offerings. I make it regularly to help create large indian feasts with ease. The benefits of cooking so much Indian food, is that I am often left with lots of freezer leftovers. This means, with little effort, I can put together a table full of dishes. A makeshift Thali table if you will. What normally happens is I dig out one meat curry from the freezer (there's always a portion or two of Goan Chicken Vindaloo, Madras lamb curry or a Lahore Chicken Curry sitting in the freezer!), then cook one or two vegetable curries fresh to accompany.

Fresh eggplant and potato curry - plant-based heaven!

This eggplant dish is a regular. A comforting, wholesome dish thats's easy to put together. A melding of spices that are fragrant rather than hot and wonderful on its own or combined with other Indian dishes as part of a larger offering. I'm happy to eat this on its own with flatbreads for lunch and I even eat it cold from time to time.

The eggplant benefits from cooking until very soft - it takes on a creamy, rich texture which is the perfect texture. Together with the soft, starchy potato creates a lovely finish to this dish that's so addictive. Spoonful after spoonful! It also freezes well, so if you cook enough curries with leftovers, you'll soon have enough frozen goodies to create your own curry table with zero effort!

I will often serve a completely vegan thali platter, of which this is one of, if not THE star of the show. Indian food is so balanced in flavour and texture, but also in ensuring the diner gets their fill with clever uses of vegetables, pulses and grains. The use of starchy potato in this dish helps not only balance the texture and taste of the dish - it helps fill you up too. Indian vegetable dishes never leave me wanting more. Well... they leave me wanting more, but I'm usually bursting at the seams so only held back by my own physical shortcomings as a human.

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How to make my Aloo Baingan - Indian Potato & Eggplant

Aloo Baingan - Indian Potato & Eggplant

Aloo Baingan – Indian Potato & Eggplant

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