Juicy, tender beef chunks, marinated with simple, authentic flavours and charred to perfection on the grill. These Argentinian Beef Skewers are a taste of the Parilla at home.

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I love to create for simple and quick solutions for dinner - a preparation that isn't taxing or time consuming. These Argentinian Beef Skewers are one such dish. You might think speed isn't really of the essence when talking marination, and you'd be right, but you're not actually doing anything either. You're simply waiting for science magic to take effect in creating tasty, stress-free food.

Marination of a nation.

I love marinating food! Everything from meat, to poultry, fish to fruit and vegetables. Anything any everything can be marinated! This process enhances the natural flavours and people around the world have been doing it for millennia! Marination is also a great way to draw on specific flavours for an Internationally inspired feast. Welcome to quite literally a world of opportunity - check out my 18 Delicious Marinades from Around the World for Roasting & Grilling for more inspiration.

Argentinian Beef Skewers

This dish is inspired by Argentina and all the wonderful beef they produce and consume. In Argentina, beef is most often just seasoned with salt and grilled to perfection over fire on the 'Parilla'. However, marinades are often created with lemon juice and a few herbs and as in this recipe, wine is sometimes added. I love how the red wine (preferably an Argentinian Malbec) permeates the beef, creating a pink hue and an enhanced sweetness to the meat. The longer you leave it, the more flavour you'll create. 24hrs is optimum, but you can also get some tasty results from 4hrs+. How long can YOU wait?

A simple authentic Argentinian marinade

This is a very simple marinade recipe for beef to create at home. It's as easy as tossing together a few ingredients and leaving in the fridge for the flavours to develop. All that is required on your part is a little forward planning. A little effort now, pays off big later. It's so evident how the flavour is improved after soaking and the meat is tender, juicy and all-round transformed - a sweet, herby treat. To cook this way does require a tiny bit of effort, but all forgotten when these skewers hit the grill.

Serving suggestions and substitutes

If you want to change up the protein, you can use lamb, chicken or pork for this marinade. You can even marinade a big Portobello mushroom. I sometimes change up the herbs and will use oregano or marjoram, sometimes rosemary - and if I don't have fresh, I'll use dried. Instead of red wine, I'll often use white, or vermouth or sometimes even a dry sherry.

To serve with these skewers, I'll always make a simple garden salad, and most times, roast up some Argentinian Punched Potatoes. One thing is certain, I'll ALWAYS make a simple and delicious herbaceous Chimichurri sauce to accompany.

SO, now's the time to get your tomorrow's dinner planned! in 24 hrs you'll be sure to enjoy a tasty, juicy Argentinian sensation with these beef skewers.

How to make my Argentinian Beef Skewers

Argentinian Beef Skewers

Argentinian Beef Skewers

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