Beef is one of the World’s most loved meats – from burgers to stews, steaks to roasts our favourite meat is enjoyed everywhere from the USA to Argentina, Hungary to Thailand and everywhere in-between. Learn a few helpful and interesting facts about our favourite meat with a beef infographic from

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Delicious beef recipes

Is beef your favourite meat? I love to cook with it, there are so many delicious dishes from around the world that feature beef! Have you tried Beef Pörkölt from Hungary? A delicious and rich stew guaranteed to warm every inch of your soul. How about some tasty Argentinian Beef skewers? Delicious, juicy steak, charred to perfection on the papilla (grill) – be sure to pair it with a fresh chimichurri sauce and some punched potatoes too – you’ll thank me!

While we’re in the Americas try the amazing Mexican Tlayuda from Oaxaca – a crunchy, delicious answer to Pizza! Once you’ve experienced that make sure you try my Italian Peposo Alla Fornacina (Tuscan Beef & Black Pepper stew) – it’s so simple, you almost can’t believe it’s true. And let’s not forget my Indian Beef Balti – rich, luxurious and jam-packed with flavour.

There are so many options to enjoy, and it’s little wonder why beef is one of the most celebrated meats on the planet. Stay tuned for more beef recipes in the future from

Get the recipes from my Beef Infographic.

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