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10 Best Rice Dishes you’ll love from Around the World

The world loves rice! It’s a food staple for over 3.5 billion people, so as you’d imagine there’s a whole world of flavour and delight to explore. Here are my best 10 rice inspired dishes at

Rice is loved across the globe, from Asia to Africa, Europe to The Americas people have cultivated, cooked and innovated exciting dishes featuring the most humble of ingredients. I just love rice – I’d say it’s my most eaten staple at home. Rice is versatile and can be a vehicle for other flavours or star player, front and centre stage. Read more

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10 Best Pasta Recipes 2020

Who doesn’t love pasta? Arguably Italy’s Number 1 export (I know pizza is delicious too) pasta dishes range from tasty to super duper delicious. Here are 10 of my favourite pasta recipes (lockdown lovelies) from 2020.

Pasta 24/7/365.

You simply can’t go wrong with a delicious bowl of pasta at any time of the day, any day of the week, any time of the year. There are endless variations of shapes, sauces and techniques to keep you satiated and occupied all year round. 2020 has seen us stuck indoors so far, so I’ve Read more

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10 Best Summer Salads

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time of year for salads. Who can resist the fresh, bright and healthy salad when the weather is warm and the opportunity to enjoy al fresco dining.

Summer is a great time of year to make the most of fresh, healthy and simple food. Most salads require no cooking, so are simple to put together – leaving you more time to enjoy the nice weather. And salads don’t have to be boring, people all over the world enjoy fresh healthy salads and the choices are infinite. My philosophy on making summer spreads to be Read more

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10 Best Soup Recipes – 2020

Who can say no to a big old bowl of soup? Every country on the planet has a soup they call a national treasure. From France to Italy, India to Japan – the choices are infinite, the flavours too. Here are my favourite 10 soups of the year so far! And there are many more recipes to come because soup is one of my favourite things to eat and slurp!

Soup! From humble to haute cuisine.

Countries around the world all offer up a national food treasure in liquid form. Soups are ubiquitous, Read more

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20 Best Curry Recipes – 2020

Who can say no to a curry? Do you have a favourite that makes it to curry night the most often? I have 20, yes 20 Curry Recipes that I like to call my best. Are you ready for the spice?

Oh what a night… Curry Night!

It’s curry night at least twice a week in my house so I like to change it up all the time. From India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Burma/Myannmar I like to change things up on the regular. The world of Read more

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10 Best Chicken Curry Recipes 2020

Who can resist a chicken curry? My 10 Best Chicken Curry Recipes celebrate my favourite, fail-safe recipes, guaranteed to satisfy any curry craving. Curry night in my house can be any/every night of the week and to keep life easier, I turn to the most versatile protein. Chicken curry is the best!

Chicken – the star of any curry

In my opinion, some of the best curry dishes from around the world highlight chicken as the star. It’s also my favourite meat to use. Chicken cooks faster than pork, beef, lamb or Read more

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