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20 Objects of Desire

A curated collection of must have objects from

We all need to treat ourselves, our friends or family once in a while. Mostly, I just treat myself! I’m always scouring the shops for little trinkets, gifts and treasures. Invariably I have a long list of must-have objects. A gift guide for any occasion. Check out this month’s 20 objects of desire – a curated gift guide for the special people (or you)! Click on the picture to learn more (>links to Amazon) Read more

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10 Best World Dip Recipes

I’m sure I’m not alone in just loving a delicious dip! Something I can scoop a chip, flatbread or vegetable into as a snack or feature in a meze style dinner party. Here are my 10 favourite dip recipes at cookeatblog!

There aren’t many better ways to while away the time than sitting in front a bowl housing a tasty delight that’s specially made for dipping other food into. Like a crunchy tortilla chip dipped into salsa or a luxuriant guacamole from Mexico, or a flatbread scooped through a creamy, nutty hummus from the Middle East. There’s quite Read more

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10 Best Rice Dishes you’ll love from Around the World

The world loves rice! It’s a food staple for over 3.5 billion people, so as you’d imagine there’s a whole world of flavour and delight to explore. Here are my best 10 rice inspired dishes at

Rice is loved across the globe, from Asia to Africa, Europe to The Americas people have cultivated, cooked and innovated exciting dishes featuring the most humble of ingredients. I just love rice – I’d say it’s my most eaten staple at home. Rice is versatile and can be a vehicle for other flavours or star player, front and centre stage. Read more

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