This Chicken & Lentil Curry is impossibly creamy and delicious. A silky, smooth aromatic sauce coats every morsel of juicy chicken. It’s pretty dreamy really!

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My chicken & lentil curry has fast-tracked its way to the top 10 of curry dishes served in my household! I've long been a fan of dal curries - just get a taste of my Pakistani Lahore Chicken curry, my Parippu Dal or my Red Moong Dal Curry and you'll see why. But this dish, which combines all the delights of a dal (think rich, creamy, nutty and splendid) with all the juiciness of chicken.

What you're left with is a cornucopia of adjectives. A veritable thesaurus of words pertaining to 'delicious'. Whenever we eat this curry at home, the moans and grunts of delight echo through the house with every spoonful (I've dispensed with a fork - I'd use a shovel if I could).

I ate lots of lentil curries travelling in the south of India. Most in the form of vegetarian dal dishes, but on a couple of occasions served as a sauce to accompany meat. I remember a beef and lentil curry that was so spicy I spent the entire time chilli crying into my bowl (but couldn't stop) and a chicken curry, like this one which was so nutty and delicious I didn't want it to end - they kept topping up my bowl too, so technically this could have become a reality.

Lentils are good for you!

It goes without saying, and most people should know this now (ignore the Paleo crowd), that lentils are very good for you. A super food, that matches its health benefits with flavour. Lentils are low in fat, calories and rich in protein and fibre. That means they'll fill you up (and then help empty you out!).

The use of lentils in this curry, aid in thickening the sauce - the lentils break down durning cooking, creating the unique texture. Indian's use many techniques to help create rich, glossy sauces like an abundance of onion, gram flour, yoghurt, coconut cream, dairy cream and pulses. Lentils are, in my opinion the best (and healthiest) ways to create a great texture of sauce. That said, I used lentils AND coconut milk - that's why this dish is SO CREAMY! I use two types of lentils in the recipe - the moong dal breaks down completely and is the main star of the show, but the chana dal (split chickpea) will partially breakdown to retain a little lentil bite - which is glorious.

This curry has a wonderful fragrant sauce too - the roll call of spices might seem like a lot, but each little ingredient plays its small part in the marrying of flavours - the resulting curry has a masterfully flavour-packed finish. It's not spicy either, but instead has a warm glow - a little chilli heat, but nothing to worry yourself about if you're not into hot stuff.

So, if you love lentils, like I do, then you'll absolutely need to create this curry yourself at home - an added bonus it freezes extremely well, so why not make a double portion and treat yourself for the coming weeks and months with ready-to-go meal-prep portions?!

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How to make my Chicken & Lentil Curry

Chicken & Lentil Curry

Chicken & Lentil Curry

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