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This Chicken Soup with Fregola was something I ate when I visited Italy. I stayed in the Abruzzo region - known for, amongst other culinary delights, spectacular pasta products. I'd never eaten a soup quite like it, and I'd never before experienced it's most alluring ingredient - Fregola.

What is Fregola?

Fregola are tiny balls of durum wheat pasta that have been hand-rolled and then baked. They're cooked, in water, like pasta and used with sauces and in soups and salads. I ate this particular soup after a long, tiring day of trailing around the Majella mountains. On this day, we'd left it a bit late for lunch so, as usual we 'panic picked' an unassuming restaurant in a teeny village on the way home.

There wasn't a soul in the place except us and the staff. The young waitress was lovely, but didn't speak a word of English. After pretending to understand what she rattled off to us, we nodded enthusiastically and she left. "I guess we just ordered" I thought.

We were there in early Spring, so it was still pretty chilly up in the mountains, so we were happy to see our first course arrive, steaming and in a small bowl. From the first heavenly spoonful, I was hooked.

The thick, creamy broth was intensely chicken flavoured and dotted with tiny strands of chicken and diced vegetables. I don't remember clearly (because I ate it so fast), but I think the version we ate featured onion, celery, carrots and a little mushroom. My version is a little different, due to what was in my fridge.

The fregola stood out in the dish - at first I thought it was Israeli cous cous but another lady, who did speak a bit of English, informed me it was named Fregola and it was produced in that village. I've long since forgotten the name of the village which is irritating, as I'd love to return to the restaurant someday, but failing a miracle of memory, I guess I just need to leave it as a once in a lifetime experience.

Chicken Soup with Fregola

Chicken Noodle Soup, Italian style.

As for the soup, it left a lasting impression - Abruzzo's answer to chicken noodle soup. As was the case for all of my meals in Italy, this was just the beginning of a huge lunchtime feast. The soup was filling in itself, but that didn't stop them bringing out courses of meats, fried cheeses, ravioli and finally a saffron panna cotta that I still dream about. But it was the Chicken Soup with Fregola that I researched and made within days of returning.

It's a staple now. When the weather turns, I turn to fregola!

What is Fregola?

Fregola is a Durum wheat pasta that has been rolled by hand or machine and then baked and dried. Fregola originated in Sardinia, which gave it it's full name Fregola Sarda.

What can I use Fregola for?

Add it to soups and stews, cook with stock like a risotto, add to salads or just toss with a sauce or olive oil like regular pasta.

I can't get hold of Fregola for this recipe what should I use instead?

For this recipe, you can substitute with any soup pasta like Orzo, Ditalni, Fideo, Acini De Pepe or you could also use Israeli (pearl) Cous Cous.

Which brand did you use?

I found a brand of Fregola made in Abruzzo, where I first tasted the soup - it's delicious.

How to make my Chicken Soup with Fregola

Chicken Soup with Fregola

Chicken Soup with Fregola

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