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This Spanish dish of Chorizo & Prawns in Fino Sherry is the perfect communal food. I'm big into sharing plates - it's how 90% of my meals are presented. I love a full table of dishes that people can weave their arms around - picking, dipping and pouring to create all manner of combinations of flavours.

I also like to serve a dish in one pot or pan that becomes the communal trough (for want of a better word). It looks great, keeps the food hot and saves on washing up - what's not to love?

I ate a lot of communal food in Spain - delightful paellas, char grilled meats, salads and stews. Of course, there's also the communal style food of Tapas, which made Spanish cuisine the envy of the World. It seems, in Spain that eating together and sharing food together is in the blood.

This dish of prawns and chorizo is a thing of beauty and wonder. Nobody can prepare you for just how amazingly the sweet, smoky Spanish chorizo works with sweet, delicate prawns. On paper, it will never work - pork and seafood! Sounds gross, yes? Hell no, it's divine!

A Fino romance

When you combine these two great flavours with a third, quintessentially Spanish flavour, Fino sherry - you're in unchartered realms of flavour. It's a flavour combination unlike anything else - earthy, sweet, fruity and musky - a flavour bomba!

The flavour is obviously what makes this a success, but it's also in one pan, so you lose none of the cooking magic, long after the chorizo and prawns are devoured - you'll be fighting and nudging for every last onion, every last bit of garlic and drip of oil. Bread enables you to scoop and mop all this dish has to offer. I swear, I've tried to wipe off the non-stick of the pan for more of this sauce.

This is why there's quite a lot of extra virgin olive oil added at the end - it's for your own good, I swear - it prolongs the experience by valuable minutes. Trust in me.

That's all you need. This pan of Authentic Spanish greatness and a good loaf of crusty bread. And maybe a salad, to cut through all the richness. It's one of my easiest and tastiest Spanish dishes to make at home.

What does Fino Sherry Mean? It translates as 'refined Sherry'.

What is Fino Sherry? Fino Sherry is a dry Spanish sherry wine. It's the driest of sherry varieties with a crisp, nutty and lightly tangy flavour.

I don't have Fino Sherry. What can I use instead? You can substitute with a dry white wine, dry port wine, dry marsala even a crisp, dry cider. Taste it first and don't use if it's sweet. It will not taste good! The best option is a good dry white wine.

Can I use Sherry vinegar instead?

No - it'll change the flavour too much.

Where can I buy Fino Sherry?

Most good liquor stores, some supermarkets (Whole Foods) and online > Visit Wine Library to buy Fino Sherry.

What is Chorizo? Spanish Sausage! Made with pork, and flavoured generously with smoked Paprika. It comes in mild and spicy varieties. Both are suitable for this recipe.

Which type of Chorizo should I use? For this recipe I suggest cured chorizo - you'll know it's cured because it's hard, like salami.

I don't have chorizo. What can I use instead? You can use Italian salami, andouille or any other cured sausage - just be aware it will change the flavour. If you do use another type, add a little more smoked paprika to help with the Spanish flavour.

How to make my Chorizo & Prawns in Fino Sherry

Chorizo & Prawns in Fino Sherry

Chorizo & Prawns in Fino Sherry

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