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The recipe for this Indian Goat Curry (Bohra Muslim Style) was such a rediscovery! I scribbled it on an old note pad I unearthed recently. Bank in 2010 I ate at a Bohra restaurant in Mumbai and always remember a specific mutton or goat curry I sampled. I must have hunted down this recipe back then (as I always do from overseas trips). I must have attempted to recreate the magic at home and scribbled the recipe down - then promptly forgot about it for the next 10 years.

After my rediscovery I re-cooked this dish. It's a shame I haven't been enjoying it all these years - it's SO delicious! It's a slow cooked dish, which created the most wonderful creamy and rich sauce and meltingly tender chunks of goat. I've recooked this curry a few times now and have used goat and lamb - both with excellent results. Beef would also be a good substitute.

A rare and delicious Indian curry.

There are not a lot of Bohra recipes out there, so to discover, then re-discover this one was a treat. If you're one of those people, like me, who love to sample unusual curries, you'll appreciate this authentic recipe. You will rarely, if ever, see this dish in Western restaurants - indeed even in India. The Dawoodi Bohra Muslim, thought to be descendants of an ancient Yemeni tribe only numbers around 500,000 in India - so finding restaurants or dishes is a challenge. When in Mumbai, I happened upon a restaurant purely by chance and ate some wonderful and unique food, quite unlike anything I'd tasted before.

The main flavours of this dish are thanks to the thickening paste which is added half way through cooking - nutty, creamy and definitely a splash of spice. It's a fantastic rich curry. So if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, I'd point you toward this Bohra Style Curry.

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How to make my Indian Goat Curry (Bohra Muslim Style)

Indian Goat Curry (Bohra Muslim Style)

Indian Goat Curry (Bohra Muslim Style)

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Prep Time25 minutes