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2001, 2020

Chinese Xinjiang Lamb Skewers

By |Categories: Asia, Chinese Food|

These Chinese Xinjiang Lamb Skewers get their name from the region of China that they originate. These skewers, typically a street food and served in the far north western reaches of the country, alongside the 'Stans'. Their geographical heritage goes a long way Read more

601, 2020

Beef Short Ribs with Polenta

By |Categories: Europe, Italian Food|

These Beef Short Ribs with Polenta are up amongst there with my most heavenly winter warmer marvels. There is something so impressive about creating dishes that melt away so effortlessly when you eat them. This is one such moment of magic! Winter is Read more

301, 2020

Middle Eastern Lamb Kebabs (Kabobs)

By |Categories: Middle East|

These Middle Eastern Lamb Kebabs (Kabobs) are eaten throughout the region. Being the most widely eaten meat, lamb sees its way into many delicious preparations. None more tasty than skewered and charred over hot coals. The success of this simple dish is the Read more

3012, 2019

Chicken Soup with Fregola

By |Categories: Europe, Italian Food|

This Chicken Soup with Fregola was something I ate when I visited Italy. I stayed in the Abruzzo region - known for, amongst other culinary delights, spectacular pasta products. I'd never eaten a soup quite like it, and I'd never before experienced it's Read more

2712, 2019

Katsu Curry

By |Categories: Asia, Japanese Food|

This Katsu Curry Is one of those warming comfort food dishes I turn to in the winter time. There's something so very uncomplicated about it. It has three elements and no apologies. I love nothing more than sitting in a tiny Japanese Restaurant Read more

2212, 2019

Ham & Pease Pudding

By |Categories: British Food, Europe|

Ham & Pease Pudding is the taste of my childhood. Few culinary combinations are guaranteed to leave me a little teary-eyed like the mere thought of ham & pease pudding. In fact, my nickname as a child was 'Peasy' - partially due to Read more