A good Malaysian curry is nothing without a great Malaysian curry powder. For a flavourful sauce, try my fail-safe, authentic recipe for that unmistakably Malaysian fragrance.

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The starting point for any good Malaysian curry is a good curry powder. The unique fragrance of Malaysian curries is the hybrid of Indian and South East Asia. Indian spice blends combined with fresh, fragrant South East Asian ingredients to create one of the World's great cuisines. Sweet and spiced with an unmistakeable aniseed note, making it truly Malaysian.

Should I buy or make my own Malaysian Curry powder?

Buying Malaysian Curry Powder

To create that unique flavour, there is no shame in buying pre-made curry powders. They have a wonderful combination of flavour and are ready-to-go from the packet. If you ARE buying a curry powder pre-made, then be sure to search for 'Malaysian curry powder'. Malaysian curry powder is not the same as powders typically labelled 'curry powder'. You'll often see powders names Malaysian Curry Powder 'for meat' or 'for fish'. Each has its own unique blend of spices.

Malaysian Chicken Curry

My go-to curry powder is 'Yeo's Malaysian Curry Powder', which, let me TELL YOU, makes a mean Malaysian Chicken Curry (Kari Ayam). And for fish, 'Baba's Fish and Prawn Curry Powder'.

Making Malaysian Curry Powder at home

Nothing gives you the control to make the most amazing flavoursome curry than making your own curry powder at home. If I can't get hold of curry powder at the store (and let's face it, a lot of things have disappeared from supermarket shelves in 2020!) making my own fresh blend at home is a great idea. And fresh curry powder is just that, packed with flavour. Toasted spices unlock the flavour, and when ground this powder is a pure burst of authentic fragrance and aroma.