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These Middle Eastern Lamb Kebabs (Kabobs) are eaten throughout the region. Being the most widely eaten meat, lamb sees its way into many delicious preparations. None more tasty than skewered and charred over hot coals.

The success of this simple dish is the marination of the meat, which not only enhances the flavour, it tenderises it to create succulent, juicy results every time. I use lamb, because it's most authentic, and my favourite, but you can also use this marinade with other meats like goat, beef or chicken. You can also mix this marinade with ground meats to create kofta kebabs.

Marinades change from country to country, city to city, village to village - house to house! So pinning this recipe to any given place is not possible. Let's just say, it's MY Middle Eastern marinade.

I rarely grill anything other than a steak on the BBQ that hasn't been marinated - it's so important in creating a fuller flavour. The thing about marination, and we read this in every recipe that calls for it, is that you have to give it time.

24-hours marination

It's an endless source of frustration to me that I didn't get my act together to get something marinating in time for a meal. My greediness tells me that an hour is plenty time, while my head KNOWS I should have done it the day before. And it's evident in the final results if I've cut corners. I am now pretty disciplined in ensuring the meat gets a full-24 hours and if I didn't get my s*** together to do this, I'll often change dinner plans - because I'll just resent every mouthful!

This might sound a bit dramatic, but knowing something could have been tastier is a killer for me! So, make time to make magic!

These skewers are a triumph of texture, fragrance and flavour, and they're simple to prepare. If you're looking for some side dishes to serve alongside these kebabs, try my flavourful Beetroot & Feta Salad With Fresh Herb Dressing and an Onion & Sumac Salad or a crunchy sour Fatoush Salad - they make the perfect combinations. You can also use the roasted lamb drizzled with a little yoghurt and fresh tomatoes as a topping to baked flat breads - much in the same vein as the super delicious Lamb & Eggplant Fatteh. Check out THAT superstar!

How to make my Middle Eastern Lamb Kebabs (Kabobs)

Middle Eastern Lamb Kebabs (Kabobs)

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