This tangy, sweet Moroccan Matbucha – Tomato & Pepper Salad is a real winner to have in your back pocket when creating meze style feasts. Packed to the brim with flavour – oh, and see how inviting it looks!

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It's well documented here at that I love to eat Mediterranean/Middle Eastern style meze. All across the Med are cuisines that feature small plates of treasures that range from delicious to delightful – this Moroccan Matbucha - Tomato & Pepper Salad is one such treasure.

Small plates offer the eater with options! Who doesn't love options!? We can mix and match flavours - every bit can be different. It's like Christmas with every bite! Meze offers so many choices of colour, flavour and texture. This vibrant red tomato salad from Morocco lives up to the challenge in every way. The intensity of tangy, tart tomato is one thing, and the jam-like texture, designed to cling to anything it touches is another! It's made for dipping and scooping, and if like me you love to do that, you'll be in heaven.

You'll never again need (or want) a horrid store-bought dip in your life, when you've tasted this lovely Matbucha salad.

What is Matbucha?

Matbucha is a Jewish dish and originated in the Mahgreb region of North Africa. It's enjoyed in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. The Arabic dish is known also as مطبوخة‎ - Matbukha. It's also eaten in Israel, brought to the region by Jewish immigrants.

The dish is comprised of stewed tomatoes, red peppers and chilli to create a reduced, jam-like consistency. It can be served mild or spicy - heat levels can be dialled up to your preference. Matbucha is typically served as a meze dish, as part of a larger spread. But, it can also used as a base for stews and tagines and sometimes becomes the main sauce for the beloved breakfast egg & tomato dish Shakshuka.

Perfect party food or 'party for one' food.

Matbucha salad is a great dish that sits alongside others for those at the table to dip and weave around with flatbreads, but it's also pretty fulfilling, on its own as a dip for one, with a bag of chips and a cracking TV show to lose yourself in. You'll be surprised just how delicious things can get with so few ingredients. You'll love the sweet, tart and tangy flavours of Matbucha salad.

More dishes to serve alongside Matbucha Salad

Lots of Middle Eastern foods work alongside this salad and each other. Here are a few of my most favourite for you mix and match with my Matbucha recipe.

How to make my Moroccan Matbucha – Tomato & Pepper Salad