Thai Panang Curry Chicken

Panang Chicken Curry is just one of the delicious supercharged South East Asian Curries I make on the regular. So full of flavour but without toasting your tastebuds with chilli heat. I always make my Thai Panang Curry milder than say a green or red curry, because it can't always he about hot hot spice - sometimes we need to appreciate the sweeter, more fragrant side of Thailand. It's one of my 10 Best Chicken Curry Recipes - discover why...

When it comes to Panang curry, one of the most intensely rich and fragrant curries Thailand has to offer, it's all about the sauce for me. It's traditionally thicker and more reduced than other curries so the sauce clings to the meat.

Separation of a nation

One sign of an Authentic Thai curry is the separation of oil and sauce. A thick slick of sauce floats to the top and takes on the colour of the main ingredients. It's what I look for if I'm cooking - I know it's going to be delicious the moment the fat separates. Try not to be put off by the oil, it's all flavour at the end of the day and you would have eaten it anyway had it not separated! If you are squeamish, just reduce it for less time and take it off the heat before the science happens.

I personally love this curry with chicken, but it also works really well with beef. I use a stewing style beef and add a bit more water than I do for chicken to enable the meat to cook for longer (about 1 1/2 hours in total) so that it's lovely and tender.

In this recipe I use chicken, meaning the cooking time is shorter and you'll have it on a plate in 50 minutes all-in!

It's not a taxing curry to make, you do need a blender or pestle & mortar but other than that - it's a doddle! Hope you enjoy - let me know if you cook it and share it on Insta (don't forger to tag @cookeatinsta and hashtag #cookeatblog)!

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How to make my Panang Chicken Curry

Thai Panang Curry Chicken

Panang Chicken Curry

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Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time50 minutes
Total Time