To complete the trinity of Mexican Pozole is this wonderfully simple and tasty recipe for Pozole Blanco. A flavoursome broth with fork-tender pork and fluffy hominy corn – pozole blanco is a monotone marvel!

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Pozole Verde, Blanco Y Rojo - the Mexican flag of flavour.

Pozole is a treasured soup in Mexico, revered for its distinctive flavour. Most people would be aware of Pozole Rojo, the red version of the soup - rich with smoky chilli heat and bright red appearance. Pozole Verde features an abundance of green ingredients which come together to make a light, bright soup. And then there is this - a delicious recipe for Authentic Pozole Blanco (white posole) - the simplest of the three to make at home - but don't assume that means less flavour - it's a taste sensation. And how fitting that the three together mirror the colours of the Mexican flag.

All pozoles feature one common ingredient - hominy. The quintessentially Mexican ingredient - corn is soaked in lime to remove the husks - the kernel then swell into plump, soft delights. They're added to the soup to bring a wonderful and distinctive flavour. Think of a soup that tastes of corn tortillas and you're on the right track.

What is pozole blanco?

Pozole blanco or 'white pozole' is probably the least known of the pozole family, which is a shame is its supremely tasty. The appearance is beautifully monotone, taking its light hues from humble white ingredients. The key is not to discolour the broth more than needed as we want it as blonde as possible.

Posole Blanco

The soup, like all Mexican pozole is adorned with garnishes galore. In the case of pozole blanco, we amp up the whiteness with only white garnishes. Sour cream, white radish, cojita cheese and white onion. It's a thing of beauty and a taste sensation to say the least. Savoury, light and surprisingly flavourful, it's one of my most favourite Mexican dishes of all-time. Once you sample it yourself I'm sure you'll agree.

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Pozole Blanco

Pozole Blanco

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