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I just love this rabbit liver pâté! I'm relatively new to the offal game. I resisted for many many years, put off by the horrible overcooked liver and kidney I was forced to eat as a kid. The parental stand-offs were epic. I often hid pieces of rubbery kidney up my sleeves, until my brother ratted me out.

But as I learned over time, it wasn't and isn't that I don't like the flavour, it's that when you (your mother) cooks something so badly, then it's only natural to want to hide it in your clothing. It's only natural that you are scarred by its mere mention for 20+ years.

Now that I've cured myself, I must turn to the delicious ingredient of liver! And especially pâté and parfait. Parfait is essentially a lighter version of pâté, using whipping cream (double cream) to lighten the texture. It's my preferred method of making this.

Rabbit Liver - just like chicken liver, but more special.

I usually use chicken liver for my pâtés but once in a while I stumble upon a butcher who stocks rabbit liver. I first sampled rabbit liver while taking a butchery course in Sydney. We learned how to butcher chicken, duck, goose and rabbit. We get to keep everything we'd butchered so I went home with bagfuls of poultry that night. All the waspy ladies also taking the course were horrified at the thought of eating liver so I also returned with about 4lb of mixed livers! There was pâté aplenty in the following weeks.

Rabbit liver has a similar flavour to chicken, but with a light gamey, flavourful taste. It's super delicious and special. So, whenever you can grab hold of rabbit livers - do it! The recipe works just as well for chicken liver, so don't worry in the slightest if that's all you can find.

I love to serve my parfait/pâté with slow cooked onions - cooked for a long time in sherry to bring out all the sweetness of the onion, which pairs perfectly with the gamey, irony pâté. It's a decadent, rich and other-worldly combination. A MUST!

How to make my Rabbit Liver Pâté with Slow Onions

Rabbit Liver Pâté with Slow Onions

Rabbit Liver Pâté

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