Warm Italian semolina budino are the perfect vehicle for a zingy hit of tangy citrus. The two are a match made in heaven. Learn how to make this amazing little dessert…

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I first ate this dessert in a small restaurant, Franco Choo in Melbourne way back in 2011. The restaurant is long since closed but I was so impressed I've been making them myself ever since!

Budinos! A soft, sweet baked pancake.

The budino (or pudding) is warming, rustic and incredibly tasty. It's most definitely my kind of dessert. It's a not-too-sweet kind of affair, similar to a Dutch Baby style pancake or clafoutis. Made with Semolina, the flavour and texture is wonderfully unique. A little pudding-like, but light and not stodgy. The texture and sweetness levels are perfect alongside a tart citrus burst to counteract.

Orange, tangerine, clementine, tangelo, grapefruit?
Take your pick!

The original budino recipe used blood orange, which I'll use if I can get hold of them, but most citrus will work extremely well. I usually settle on what's easiest to find, which is invariably orange. As I type this recipe, sumo tangerines are in season, which are amazing but the last time I used pink grapefruit and I often use tangelos or at a push mini tangerines. You get the gist... citrus!

While we're on the subject of citrus, for a wonderful hit of lime or lemon zinginess, you really should try my wonderful Turkish Lime Yoghurt cake. It's one of my favourite things to eat. Period.

How to make my Semolina Budino with Oranges

Semolina Budino with Oranges

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Prep Time10 minutes