South Indian Salmon Curry

I first tasted this delicious South Indian Salmon Curry on the Keralan coast of India. A young boy, all of 15, was our cook at the beach homestead in the beautiful beach town of Varkala where we were staying.

He created a spectacular banana leaf thali for us one lunchtime. It featured all manner of amazing vegetable dishes, chutneys and pickles and included this unforgettable fish curry. He happily showed me the ingredients using the art of pointing and nodding as I hurriedly scribbled them into a shorthand recipe on the back of an old boarding pass.

Passing on the curry recipe

My South Indian Salmon Curry is pretty faithful to the original recipe; with a couple of exceptions. The original version included Kokum; a sour berry which is native to Southern India. I've substituted this for tamarind but a squeeze of lime would also work. Secondly, the original recipe featured a local white fish, but after many iterations over the years I settled on salmon or trout. This said, any firm white fish, prawns or other seafood like scallops, clams, squid and mussels work excellently!

The flavours and textures are a perfect harmony of, nutty mild spice with a rich but not heavy sauce. A lighter sauce than that of Northern Indian curries. Now, if only I could be transported to that same balmy palm-lined beach each time I cook it!

How to make my South Indian Salmon Curry

South Indian Salmon Curry from

South Indian Salmon Curry

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Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time25 minutes
Total Time