Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork

My Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork is a perfect combination of all that I love about Thai food - and South East Asian Curries in particular. The perfect balance of spice, sweetness, sourness and salt - this curry has it all.

Less known than its counterparts the green and red curry, yellow curry is by no means the poor cousin! It has plenty to bring to the table. The colour for one is vibrant and inviting - a sunny hue brought from the use of the new fad-favourite, turmeric. The taste in general is milder too - although I have eaten mind glowingly hot versions of yellow curry, but when I make mine, I make it mild.

I've not eaten a minced meat version of curry in any restaurant, but was inspired by eating a delicious Chicken Larb at my local Thai recently and wondered it minced meat would work as a curry - almost like a Thai bolognese sauce! I can report that it does indeed work - very well!

Holy-Moly Delicious

Because it's a milder sauce, I like to up the fragrance of the dish by adding lots of Thai Basil (often called Holy Basil) and fresh coriander at the end. I also added some fried peanuts one time and LOVED it so they're now a staple ingredient for this recipe. Similarly, I garnished the curry with sliced red onion that I'd marinated in lime juice one time and that too stuck! This curry has been a work in progress so who knows when it will end!

You can make this curry with or without coconut milk - without coconut milk, it becomes a jungle curry - just replace coconut with water. Personally I prefer the creaminess of the coconut milk - it also helps mellow the spice out too but if you forgot to buy coconut milk (i never do) you can make it without (I never do!)

Hope you enjoyed my Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork recipe - if you do cook it yourself, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

How to make my Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork

Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork

Thai Yellow Curry with Minced Pork

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Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes