Tiger Beer Chicken wings

When travelling in Malaysia and Singapore I would eat on the street every night. Without fail, I would announce the "meal of my life" every night - each time, experiencing some taste sensation that I declared was the best thing I'd ever eaten. Most nights I'd also had one or two Tiger Beers (essential beverage in 250% humidity) so by the time I ate I was somewhat bleary headed most evenings.

One such night, in Singapore I'd ended up at one of the many street food markets in the city, ready to eat!! We were a few Tigers in and maybe one or two orders of chicken satay when I spotted a sign for 'Tiger Chicken'. After some attempts with the vendor to find out the dish was - he finally just pointed at our beers and nodded enthusiastically. Chicken marinated in BEER! All the yeses!

I was somewhat familiar with marinating chicken in drinks - Coca-Cola and Sprite chicken are not to be scoffed at - I kid you not - they are amazing, but never had I thought of marinating in beer - but it makes sense! Why not!?

We obviously ordered some Tiger Chicken and when I tasted the hot crunchy delights I was amazed! They were tender on the inside and deep fried crispy on the outside - they'd definitely been helped along with some South East Asian flavours when marinating, but the beer flavour came through too. We ate them in about 3 minutes as the vendor looked on for approval.

Recreating authentic Singapore fried chicken

Once home, I started tinkering with ingredients to recreate the authentic Singapore flavours. It didn't take too many attempts to create something very close. My recipe is easy and all the magic happens in the marination. Obviously MORE magic happens when the wings are deep fried and the combination is truly delicious. They're the perfect hot snacks! I'd go as far as to say they're also the most perfect fried chicken wings I've ever tasted.

You can obviously use any kind of beer, but as Tiger beer is the National beer of Singapore it creates a more authentic flavour. And if you're not into beer, I will reiterate my love of soft drinks to marinate chicken in. Give Sprite and Coca-Cola a whirl! You'll be amazed.

More chicken wing recipes?

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How to make my Tiger Beer Chicken Wings

Tiger Beer Chicken wings

Tiger Beer Chicken Wings

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Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time25 minutes
Marination1 day
Total Time1 day 30 minutes
Servings (adjustable) 4