Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas

Out of my Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas, only one is on The Strip. For anyone, like me, who lives in Vegas, dining on the strip is a rarity. it’s expensive. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s daylight robbery. And you know what! You don’t need to eat there to experience top-notch cuisine.

As you probably know, I’m all about ethnic cuisine and will travel for good Authentic food that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for. I’d rather spend $100 on fuel to get me to the restaurant than pay an extra $100 on food in the casinos. Thankfully there are LOTS of great options for cheap, delicious global eats around the City. Here are my top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas. Which are your favourites? Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas

10. Taco y Taco

Mexican – Tacos

9470 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123

I happened upon this place in a food panic – when I get hungry, I get HANGRY. We must eat at the first place I see. Taco Y Taco isn’t far from my house and I made a bee-line in on my blackouts.

It used to be all about Tacos El Gordo in Vegas, but I gotta say, this place tops the polls now! The service is less frantic for one, but the food and especially the carnitas are sensational. They also do a MEAN Al Pastor.

My go-to dish is the Vampiro taco – two crisp corn tortillas with melted cheese, filled with whatever you like – I always opt for Carnitas. It’s a arm dribbling triumph!

Unfortunately the restaurant near me had a fire incident recently and are yet to reopen – muy sad face :(. However, they do have a second location in Henderson – if you’re up for the drive. Watch this space – we’ll let you know when/if they reopen.

Vampiro Taco with Carnitas

Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas

09. Japaneiro


7315 W Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas+1, NV 89113

This far flung favourite is quite the find let me be clear! Known amongst the local chefs as a chefs restaurant, Japaneiro offers some of the most amazing Asian/Fusion food in Vegas.

Open late, this restaurant often sees chefs from the strip, after their shifts coming to hang out and eat the top notch offerings. The Singaporean born chef and owner used to be head chef at Nobu, Hard Rock. The quality Asian ingredients followed – Japaneiro often have special seafood flown in from oversees and offer specials at a very reasonable (non-strip) price. One top offering is the bone marrow with filet mignon – So decadent and insanely delicious, but it’s the rock shrimp that I’ll order two or sometimes even three portions of. Crunchy and yuzu zingy bites of sweet silky prawns. To die for.

Like I said, Japaneiro is open late late, so make a late night of it!

Rock shrimp.

Top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas

08. Forte Eastern European & Tapas

Eastern European & Spanish

4180 S Rainbow Blvd #806, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Quite why this restaurant has shoe-horned in Tapas into their offering is a little odd. From what I’ve learned, the chef or the chef’s wife is Spanish so that’s why, but whatever the reason – I’ve never eaten any of their Spanish tapas offerings – I make my own at home. It’s the amazing Eastern European fare that I travel for.

Super delicious Bulgarian and Serbian Grill plates, alongside delicious salads and loaded french fries with the tastiest beef stroganoff I’ve ever had, make this a place I want to visit every night of the week. There’s a nice selection of European beers too if that’s your thing.

I’ll happily order everything Eastern European on the menu and gradually work my way through, but if I’m pushed for one choice only it’s going to be the Georgian cheese and egg bread. Like a Turkish Pide, with the softest, salty egg and cheese filling. It’s a dream from beginning to end.

Georgian Cheese & Egg Bread. OMFG.

07. Settebello Pizza


Las Vegas and Henderson – check locations >

I’m super fussy where Pizza is concerned and Settebello is one of only a handful of Pizzas I’ve eaten outside Italy that blew me away. The Pizza is first rate and super authentic, which is no surprise on learning that the founder learned his trade at the source in Napoli, Italy and is a certified AVPN Pizza master.

It’s the pizza that everyone raves about, but there are other offerings for those (freaks) who don’t like pizza. I believe they have a selection of pizza, but all other words on the menu appear heavily pixelated to me – the only offering I see clearly is the Pizza Carbonara – they had me at egg. It’s a revelation of prosciutto, tomato, egg and cheese. It really is.

If you live for pizza, you haven’t lived ’til you’ve sampled Settebello. Trust. They have two locations in Vegas, so check which you’re closest to.

The Carbonara (+ egg!)

06. Ramen Hashi

Japanese (Ramen)

5808 Spring Mountain Rd #109, Las Vegas, NV 89146

To get me to order anything other than Tonkotsu at a Ramen restaurant is a tall order. That was before I sampled the Paitan Ramen at Hashi in Vegas. Made only with chicken bones, the broth has all the hallmarks of Pork Tonkotsu – a beautiful milky appearance, a lip-sticking viscosity and an intense umami flavour hit!

It’s amazing that chicken bones can be so giving, and it’s pretty much the only dish I ever order at Hashi Ramen. What makes this place even more fabulous is their chashu pork. Served in thick slices with the perfect balance of meat and meltingly tender fat, it tips this ramen into 5-star territory.

It’s my regular go-to for lunch. It’s also close to Shirley’s (the dog’s) favourite park, she’s only too happy to wait in the car while I guzzle this down.

Paitan chicken ramen with chashu, egg and black garlic sauce.

05. Estiatorio Milos


Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Casino

The only restaurant on The Strip is deserving only because it offers one of the best value set lunches in Vegas, period. Milos, a high-end Greek restaurant has some top quality dishes on offer, but we shouldn’t be tempted by those – we should instead only order from the Lunch set menu.

Three courses for $28 at the last check. There’s always fresh fish, shrimp saganaki, chicken skewers and more. It’s top shelf delicious and really great value. For dessert, there’s a dish I dream about that had you told me I’d love, I would have laughed you out of the restaurant.

A friend insisted I try the yoghurt for dessert and I was gobsmacked! So rich, impossibly creamy and topped with a sweet, tart jam tips you over the edge every time. If you’re looking for something close to home on the strip, then Milos is the lunch spot for you.

Yoghurt dessert.

04. Lamaii Thai


4480 Spring Mountain Rd. Unit 700, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Lotus of Siam generally get all the accolades where Thai is concerned, but a new kid is making waves on the Vegas Spice Scene that has impressed every time I’ve visited.

The head chef of Lamaii, originally a sommelier at Lotus, has curated not only a fantastic wine offering at this small Chinatown restaurant, but a menu unlike any other Thai restaurant in Las Vegas. Innovative, and featuring lesser known Thai dishes give a more varied set of choices than that of a regular Thai restaurant. Hot and spicy is the way here – no sliding scale of spice is offered – you get what you get which I LOVE! And sometimes that’s a challenge – Thai food is fierce, so you just need to roll with the punches and take them as they come.

Lamaii has so many dishes that I adored, the duck Panang is unlike any other Panang I’ve tasted – including mine!, the crispy pork belly with holy basil is a dream. But it’s the pork jowl that I lived for! So sweet, soooooo spicy, so delicious.

Pork jowl in chilli – Moo Ma Now

03. Eat

USA – Breakfast/Brunch & Lunch

707 E Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Vegas has a lot of great morning options. If I’m feeling like more than just a good coffee and croissant from another notable offering, Mothership Coffee Roasters, one of my first choices is always the fantastic Eat, Downtown.

Chef and owner Natalie Young has created the perfect American breakfast menu. Expertly curated classics, masterfully cooked without the heaviness I often feel at a diner.

The eggs are great, the sweet strawberry biscuits are another level, but it’s always a treat to eat the Shrimp & Grits there – they are so refined, creamy and balanced. I dream about them! Oh, and they serve Mothership Coffee too, so an extra bonus point!

Shrimp & Grits.

02. India Market

Indian (Vegetarian)

1435 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Coming from England, where we have excellent Indian food, I was a little disappointed by the Vegas offerings. I felt they pandered to an American palette by offering a sliding scale of spice which for Indian food I feel is not great. The chefs would simply add more chillies or chilli powder and not cook it out properly, leaving a gross aftertaste. Menus were uninspiring and felt like the same safe offerings in every place.

Then along came a supermarket!

India Market is a giant Indian market near UNLV that amongst the aisles has a fantastic little vegetarian cafe! And I mean fantastic! All-veg offerings of dosa, thali and uttapam to name a few are all super authentic and super fresh. It’s by no means a glam spot but for a healthy, flavourful lunch it’s perfect. And it’s CHEAP!

Vegetarian Thali Plate

01. Chengdu Taste

Chinese (Sichuan)

3950 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Number 1 on my top 10 Local Eats in Las Vegas is Chengdu Taste. Kinda hidden in a quiet strip mall in Chinatown is one of the The hottest Chinese in Vegas! I’m talking Chilli hot too by the way! Chengdu Taste, the acclaimed restaurant hailing from L.A. came to Vegas a few years back. It’ll blow your socks off!

It’s easy to see why this place has a cult following. The food is top-notch, authentic Sichuan. Super spiced and super delicious. The spice is alluring and addictive and has something for every palette. If you want to try the real deal, order frog or pigs feet, but if you’re not that adventurous try the salt fish fried rice or the twice cooked pork with fermented vegetables. They’re spectacular. But if you really want to pick out the star of the show, choose the toothpick lamb – earthy cumin and chilli spiced lamb on toothpicks. They’re so addictive. If you’re looking for a menu where Kung Pao is nowhere in sight… this is your place!

Toothpick lamb (you can’t stop picking…)