Turkish Garlic & Yoghurt Sauce

This simple Turkish Garlic & Yoghurt Sauce is the perfect partner for all kinds of Middle Eastern Fare. Excellent with meat and poultry, game and even fish it's a creamy, garlicky dream!

This sauce is ubiquitous in every Istanbul kebab shop and it's slathered over everything! From juicy lamb kofta kebabs to Fried fish or just served in a bowl to dip with flatbreads. There are two versions if this sauce that I ate in Turkey - this one, and another featuring cucumber, Caçik (essentially the same as Greek Tzatziki). You never quite knew which you were getting, but they're both delicious so - no problem.

Garlic Breath

The garlic is strong in this dish so, if you're doing anything for the next week or so, steer clear. The yoghurt is so perfect with grilled meats like kebabs, and works with seafood too. It's a great sour, cold note to warm, spiced meats. I could eat it on everything.

If I'm feeling super lazy, I like nothing more than pigging out on a bowl of this Turkish garlic & yoghurt sauce and loaf of bread and absolutely no interruptions! It's as easy to prepare as it is addictive so get yourself ready for some easy breezy Turkey breath!

How to make my Turkish Garlic & Yoghurt Sauce

Turkish Garlic & Yoghurt Sauce

Turkish Garlic & Yoghurt Sauce

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Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Servings (adjustable) 4
Calories (per serving) | 170