Sucuk with eggs

Turkish Sucuk with Eggs is the perfect start to any day! Sucuk is the Turkish version of a beef sausage found all across the Middle East, Balkans and Central Asia. It's a spiced beef sausage flavoured with cumin, salt paprika and pepper flakes. In Turkey, there are two types - mild or hot.

I'd long loved Sucuk from the delicious Turkish Pide - Turkey's answer to pizza. But when in Turkey I was introduced to sucuk for breakfast - and I wasn't mad at this. On a trip to the amazing region of Cappadocia with its breathtaking landscapes and amazing historical sites and we discovered a different kind of breakfast. It has stayed with me, some 15 years on!

Sunrise special - Sucuk Yumurta

One very early morning, we set off in the dark to see the sunrise over the mountains near the town of Göreme. We were there in December so it was bitterly cold and all but abandoned by tourists - on our way to the lookout, a very friendly dog joined us and guided us to a spot where we watched the amazing landscape come to life. He sat with us patiently as we took pictures and then guided us back to town - all for a treat of course which he received. He wasn't the only one who got a tasty treat that morning.

When we returned to our pension hotel, there was a different kind of breakfast on offer to the usual fruit and cheese (which is delicious incidentally). In the centre of our communal tables a giant (and I mean giant) pan of sucuk and fried eggs. I am a FAN of eggs in any and every guise so a genuine wave of excitement rushed through my body. We were all asked to help ourselves to the tasty feast - My coat was already off and I was stopping up a healthy share.

The sucuk was sweet, spicy (not hot), salty and lightly smoky - it was surrounded by crispy edged fried eggs with the perfect runny yolk to dip our bread into. This was a perfect start to the day. I could (and would) have eaten the entire pan had other people not walked into the room.

Where can I find Sucuk and what else can I cook with it?

Upon return I tracked down Sucuk in Sydney really easily. There's a large Turkish population there so finding all the ingredients and getting lots of tips on other recipes was easy. In the US, you can buy suck from many Middle Eastern Delis or Delis that feature food from the Balkans - the sausage may go under other names like soujouk, sujuk, suxhuk, sujuq, sudzhuk or sudzuk. Making Sucuk Yumurta at home is super easy and it's a really great dish to serve for yourself direct from the pan in a single serve.

You could also try making my delicious Turkish Pide with Sucuk or the wonderful Sucuk and Black Chickpea soup. There's lots to love!!

So, if you haven't already, I think it's high time you wake up to Turkish Sucuk with Eggs!

How to make my Turkish Suçuk with Eggs

Sucuk with eggs

Turkish Sucuk with Eggs

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Cook Time8 minutes
Total Time8 minutes
Servings (adjustable) 1
Calories (per serving) | 515


  • 8 Slices Sucuk sausage
  • 1 tbsp olive oil