Vegetable Thai Green Curry

My Vegetable Thai Green Curry is a pretty feisty monster! I love spice and I love a South East Asian Curry - as heat goes, I've eaten some hard to handle dishes in my time. All of them Thai!

My eyes My Eyes!

One restaurant in particular in Thailand served up a green curry so spicy I thought I might go blind. After two mouthfuls, I called it a day - all this to much laughter from the locals.

If I eat a green curry, I'm prepared for a spice hit, but with most of spicy dishes, I don't over do it. It's not a pissing competition here, my food is tasty and that's pretty much it! I'll give you HOT, but not at a "my eyes! MY EYES!" level.

Quick curry? It's in the bag.

After the mighty Massaman Beef curry, green curry is my favourite to eat at home. I always have this spice paste in little bags, ready to use for a curry, or as a marinade or base of a stir-fry. All Thai pastes can be used as a starting point for things other than curries, so make a big batch and, like me freeze it. You'll be high-fiving yourself when you're tired and want a tasty curry in front of you in 20 minutes.

I've eaten countless versions of green curry over the years - with all kinds of ingredients - chicken, pork, beef, duck, seafood and even blood cubes! But for this version I'm keeping it simple with vegetables. I've suggested the vegetables I have at home right now, but the sauce can take whatever veg you have on hand.

The final dish is a creamy, vibrant hit of spice and the lime at the end adds a sour citrus note to freshen the flavour for a more rounded taste.

How to make my Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Vegetable Thai Green Curry

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Prep Time25 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Servings (adjustable)