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My Vietnamese Bun Cha Vermicelli Salad bowl is a great lunch or dinner, any day of the week. Light and soft vermicelli rice noodles act as a base to juicy spiced and fragrant Vietnamese pork meatballs.

This Hanoi Style vermicelli salad often comes with an array of fresh toppings too, from crunchy cucumber and lotus root, to bean sprouts and lettuce - my version features lightly pickled carrot, daikon radish and green cabbage. Sweet tomatoes add to the mix, along with spring onion, mint & cilantro. The result is a perfect mix of texture and flavour.

A perfect combination of Vietnamese flavours,
finished with Nước Mắm Dấm

No Vietnamese salad would be complete without a pour over dressing. Nước chấm or nước mắm dấm - both share a fish sauce base, to bring in the right amounts of salty, sweet and sour notes to the bowl. This salad uses a nước mắm dấm dressing and is essential in creating the best bun cha salad bowl experience!

Vietnamese Bun Cha Vermicelli Salad

Bun Cha - Could they be the most perfect juicy and fragrant pork meatballs ever?

This is a rhetorical question obviously. The star of the show are most definitely the bun cha, pork meatballs. A combination of all things Vietnamese. Fragrant lemongrass, cilantro, ginger and garlic with an ever-so-slight chilli note - Vietnamese food isn't spicy on the whole, but a little nod to South East Asian spice can only be a good thing, right? Give yourself a healthy treat tonight, tomorrow or both! This salad is a winner winner, pork ball dinner!

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How to make my Vietnamese Bun Cha Vermicelli Salad

Vietnamese Bun Cha Vermicelli Salad

Vietnamese Bun Cha Vermicelli Salad

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