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I’m a 40 year old British guy who moved to Australia almost 10 years ago. Before the move I cooked a little, enjoyed it, but had no real knowledge of what food was out there! My repertoire was small and safe. I was a cook who knew what I liked, and did little to venture out of my comfort zone. But all that was to change when I moved to the other side of the globe, namely, Sydney Australia. I chose the perfect place to settle for culinary adventures. I had no idea the diverse cuisine Australia had to offer. The greatest hits of Asia, The Mediterranean and Middle East. Sydney has opened up to me in a big way just how good food can be.

This blog is follows a simple premise. It’s a documentation of what goes into and what comes out of my big mouth.

I go through food fads and am always changing my favourites. I generally will say “Ooh that’s my favourite” to just about anything anyone mentions. As a general rule of thumb, Indian and South East Asian are regular favourites. But don’t hold me to that.

If you’d like to contact me regarding anything about the website or the recipes featured then feel free… otherwise enjoy the food.

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